Hospitality industry calls for compensation in response to blackouts

June 26, 2023  –WILLEMSTAD – Curaçao’s Royal Hospitality Association is demanding compensation for its members in the wake of two recent blackouts on June 8th and 15th. The extensive power outages resulted in the closure of numerous restaurants, cafes, and bars, causing significant financial losses for the affected businesses. Seeking redress, the association is specifically requesting compensation to cover staffing expenses and the substantial amount of food wasted during the blackouts. To address this issue, they have called for a meeting with the management of Aqualectra Utility, the local power company responsible for the electricity supply. 

Zeno Circkens, the chairman of the Royal Hospitality Association, emphasized the vulnerability of the industry, stating that many establishments are still grappling with the economic repercussions of the COVID-19 pandemic. Absorbing additional losses stemming from unforeseen circumstances such as power outages proves challenging for these businesses. Consequently, the association believes that it is necessary for compensation to be provided to alleviate the financial burden faced by its members. 

Members of the association have been alerted to the possibility of future total power outages. Recognizing this potential risk, the association stresses the importance of accurately quantifying the losses incurred during such incidents. By establishing clear measurements, the hospitality industry can then seek discounts or compensation on their electricity bills in the event of any future blackouts. The Royal Hospitality Association seeks to work collaboratively with Aqualectra Utility to find a satisfactory resolution to this issue. 

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