HOH (ASHA) and CMC (MSCMC) sign intention agreement for collaboration in healthcare

June 19, 2023   –WILLEMSTAD – The Association of Specialists of Aruba (ASHA) and the Medical Staff of Curaçao Medical Center (MSCMC) announced the signing of a one-year intention agreement aimed at fostering closer collaboration between the two hospitals. This strategic partnership seeks to deliver high-quality healthcare services on the islands of Aruba and Curaçao. Additionally, the agreement outlines plans for potential collaborations with medical staff from other hospitals as part of the Dutch Caribbean Hospital Alliance (DCHA) to enhance the overall quality of care in the region. 

The healthcare landscape in Aruba and Curacao is set to witness a significant transformation as ASHA and MSCMC join forces. By combining their expertise, resources, and knowledge, the two organizations aim to ensure the provision of top-notch medical care to the local communities. 

The collaborative efforts will entail an extensive research phase, covering various aspects crucial to the successful implementation of the partnership. Legal implications, work methods, including protocols and processes, as well as the integration of medical practices across the islands, will be thoroughly examined within the boundaries of their legal scope. This comprehensive investigation will pave the way for a seamless transition towards a more integrated healthcare system that benefits patients and medical professionals alike. 

Furthermore, ASHA and MSCMC recognize the importance of collaboration beyond their individual islands. They are actively exploring opportunities to partner with hospitals from other Dutch Caribbean islands to promote a region-wide elevation of healthcare standards. By working together and leveraging shared resources, these partnerships will contribute to the continuous improvement of medical services in the region. 

Both ASHA and MSCMC are committed to ensuring a smooth and efficient integration process. They will closely engage with medical professionals, stakeholders, and local communities to gather insights and input throughout the collaboration research phase. This inclusive approach aims to address the specific needs and concerns of all parties involved, facilitating a harmonious transition towards a more interconnected healthcare system. Together, they aspire to create a healthcare environment that fosters innovation, collaboration, and excellence, ultimately resulting in improved patient outcomes and satisfaction. 

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