Haiti’s former prime minister questioned in the assassination of President Moise

June 27, 2023  -Haiti’s former prime minister, Joseph Jouthe says he has been questioned by an investigating judge into the July 2021 assassination of President Jovenel Moise.

Moise, who would have celebrated his 55th birthday on Monday, was killed at his private residence overlooking the capital on July 7, 2021. His wife, Martine survived the attack, but had to be treated in the United States.

Several former Colombian soldiers have been detained in connection with the assassination and earlier this month, a court in the United States sentenced a Haitian-Chilean businessman to life in prison for his role in the plot.

A US federal judge in Miami sentenced Rodolphe Jaar, more than two months after the 50-year-old dual national pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit murder or kidnapping outside of the US, as well as to providing material support resulting in death.

Jaar is one of 11 people to be arrested and charged in the US for their alleged role in the killing, which further destabilized Haitian politics and fueled a continuing wave of violence in the country.

Jouthe said he had been summoned to appear before the investigating judge on Monday and that he answered questions relating to the assassination.

“Justice must be done. I want to believe that my answers will have been used to move the case forward. The Moïse family and the Haitian people, myself included, need to know the truth about the assassination of the president in order to finally mourn. Let those who concocted this macabre plan, those who gave the means and who carried it out, pay,” he said in a statement.

Meanwhile, Moïse’s wife, has issued a statement expressing her continued love for her husband on his birthday, describing him as “a father who gave himself totally to his children.

“A President who sacrificed himself to open the eyes of his people. The truth will see the light of day. Justice will be done. Happy Birthday my heart,” she wrote.


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