Guyanese government to provide cash grants for students ahead of new school term

June 20, 2024  -The government of Guyana is set to launch a significant financial initiative aimed at supporting school children across the nation.

Starting next Monday, the Education Ministry, led by Minister Priya Manickchand, will begin distributing a $45,000 cash grant to over 200,000 children enrolled in both public and private schools.

This initiative, part of the “Because We Care” program, not only aims to ease the financial burden on families but also includes a voucher for school uniforms and supplies, reinforcing the government’s commitment to education.

Eligibility and distribution details

To qualify for this grant, students must be actively registered and attending school, and must have returned their textbooks, ensuring they are in good standing to receive the support.

The distribution process is scheduled to span a two-week period and is designed to be straightforward and inclusive.

Minister Manickchand emphasized the simplicity and transparency of the process during a live broadcast, assuring that every eligible child will benefit from the program.

Flexible collection options

Recognizing the varying schedules of families, the Education Ministry has made provisions for those unable to collect the grant on the designated date.

Parents and guardians have the option to visit their Regional Education Office at a time that suits them to collect the grant.

The only requirement is to present valid identification, such as a national ID card or passport. For those lacking these documents, a verification letter from a school principal, village leader, or Toshao can be used as an alternative.

Future plans and oversight

The initiative is not only a present relief but also part of a broader strategy to incrementally increase the cash grant up to $50,000.

The Auditor General’s office is tasked with overseeing the distribution, ensuring that the funds are allocated efficiently and transparently.

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