Guyana’s Agriculture Minister urges water conservation amid prolonged dry season

October 12, 2023 -As Guyana grapples with an extended dry season that is predicted to persist until the end of November, Minister of Agriculture Zulfikar Mustapha is calling upon citizens to embrace water conservation practices.

With the water supply under strain, Mustapha is determined to reassure the public that Guyana currently maintains adequate water reserves to meet essential needs.

Weather forecasts

Mustapha, in a recent statement, disclosed that he had been in contact with the head of hydromet who indicated a potential change in weather conditions by the end of next month.

While the nation currently possesses sufficient water resources to fulfill its requirements, Mustapha underscored the importance of prudent water use, emphasizing the need to conserve the precious freshwater resources stored in the conservancies.

Maintaining normal water levels amidst dry conditions

According to Mustapha, current water levels in the conservancies remain within normal ranges, raising optimism as Guyana confronts the El Niño weather phenomenon.

Despite the ongoing dry spell, he reported no serious threats caused by these weather conditions, reassuring citizens that the country’s water system is adequately equipped to handle the situation.

Nevertheless, he urged farmers, stakeholders, and residents alike to embrace water conservation practices and use freshwater judiciously.

Caribbean Climate Outlook Forum highlights concerns

In August, the Barbados-based Caribbean Climate Outlook Forum (CariCOF) expressed concerns over rainfall deficits, particularly in parts of the eastern Caribbean and Belize.

While rainfall had been increasing, the forum highlighted the potential for long-term drought, which could affect rivers and reservoirs by the conclusion of the wet season in November.

CariCOF’s concerns raised initial questions about water availability as Guyana transitions into the dry season.

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