Guyana welcomes new mayors and Deputy mayors with swearing-in ceremony

August 9, 2023   -On Tuesday, a swearing-in ceremony was held for 10 new Guyanese mayors and deputy mayors. Presiding over the ceremony was President Dr. Mohammed Irfaan Ali, who offered remarks to the freshly appointed Local Government leaders.

He emphasized the need for collaboration with the central government and putting aside political differences to enhance the well-being of the communities they serve.

The President expressed concern about the neglect or decay of communities and public assets and asserted that his government is prepared to partner and work with the local government bodies.

Newly appointed mayors

The mayors include New Amsterdam, Wainwright McIntosh; Anna Regina, Devin Mohan; Bartica, Martin Anthony Murray; Corriverton, Imran Amin; Lethem, John Macedo; Linden, Sharma Solomon; Mabaruma, Trevi Leung; Mahdia, Eslyn Gail Ramascindo-Hussain; Rose Hall, Dave Budhu and Georgetown, Alfred Mentore.

Deputy mayors to take office

The Deputy mayors also sworn in were New Amsterdam, Kirk Fraser; Anna Regina, Lorna Fitzallen; Bartica, Gail Ann Persaud; Corriverton, Satyanand Ramraj; Lethem, Indira Singh; Linden, Dominique Blair; Mabaruma, Liane Persaud; Mahdia, Akita John; Rose Hall, Roydel Lewis and Georgetown, Denise Miller.

Additionally, the Vice Chairman of Region Ten, Mark Goring, was sworn into office, replacing Douglas Gittens who passed away in June 2021 following a COVID-19 diagnosis.

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