Guyana ready for Local Government Elections nomination day

April 15, 2023  –Loop News- The Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) said it has put all systems in place for the smooth conduct of Nomination Day which is scheduled for Monday, April 17.

In a statement, it says during the hours of 10 am to 2 pm, political parties, voluntary groups, and individual candidates contesting in Local Government Elections 2023 are expected to submit their Lists of Candidates to the respective Returning Officer in the Municipalities and/or Neighborhood Democratic Councils (NDCs) where they would be contesting.

All contestants are reminded to ensure that they prepare the respective Lists of Candidates using the prescribed statutory forms and adhere to other stipulated guidelines such as ensuring that their list has a title, the requisite number of eligible candidates and nominators, and that their list bears the name, signature of each person and ID Card number.

It must be noted that Lists of Candidates that do not conform to the statutory requirements would be classified as defective and the representative of the list would be given an opportunity to correct those defects.

The statutory procedures following Nomination Day would ensure that all the legal requirements are met by the contestants in order for their Lists of Candidates to be approved to contest in the elections.

While the Commission has already approved a total of 64 symbols, approval to contest in the elections is only guaranteed upon the submission and approval of the Lists of Candidates.

The Commission said it envisions a smooth Nomination Day process since it is confident in the ability of the staff at the respective offices to adhere to the legal provisions in the execution of their functions, and deliver quality and professional services.

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