GPHC makes history with first laparoscopic kidney transplant in Guyana

January 31, 2024  -In a historic medical achievement, surgeons at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) in Guyana executed their first laparoscopic donor nephrectomy on January 29, ushering in a new era of advanced surgical procedures.

The groundbreaking surgery was performed on a woman who donated her kidney to a 17-year-old male relative.

The recipient had been grappling with chronic kidney failure, a condition attributed to Type One diabetes.

An unprecedented success

In a statement, the GPHC proudly announced that the transplant had been an unqualified success, with the transplanted kidney performing exceptionally well.

The hospital said that both the donor and the recipient are currently recuperating and are expected to resume their normal daily lives soon.

The patient no longer requires dialysis. The achievement was made possible through the dedicated collaboration of the transplant and vascular team, seamlessly working in tandem with the general surgery, anesthesia, and nursing teams.

This multidisciplinary approach ensured a comprehensive and meticulously coordinated effort, ultimately contributing to the resounding success of the surgery.

Pioneering precision and minimally invasive surgery

Dr. Kishore Persaud, the lead surgeon overseeing this groundbreaking procedure, expressed his enthusiasm for the positive outcomes achieved.

He stated that the successful laparoscopic donor nephrectomy signifies a significant milestone for GPHC and the healthcare landscape in Guyana.

“This modern technique allows for precision and minimal invasiveness, promoting reduced post-operative pain, quicker recovery, minimal scarring, and lower risk of complications,” he added.

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