Government signs Hackshield agreement

July 13, 2023  –WILLEMSTAD – Minister of Education, Science, Culture, and Sports (ESKD), Mr. Sithree van Heydoorn, has signed an agreement together with Minister of Traffic, Transportation, and Urban Planning (TTPU), Mr. Charles Cooper, to collaborate on the HACKSHIELD CURACAO project. This project will be implemented through close cooperation with the Bureau of Telecommunications and Post (BTP) and Blue Nap Americas (BNA). It will be the first project to utilize the data center within the framework of the digitalization of education. 

Hackshield is an educational digital application in the form of a game (‘cybersecurity game app’), focused on cybersecurity specifically for children between the ages of 8 and 12. This game aims to show children the opportunities and dangers of the internet, as well as the threats of cybercrime. Additionally, it contributes to digital literacy by teaching children through virtual channels and equipping them with knowledge about cyber agents, where they can help other children, parents, and adults who may not have all the information about the internet. 

The Hackshield application focuses on cybersecurity, raising awareness and promoting digital consciousness that encourages individuals to think before acting and using the internet. Several municipalities and schools in the Netherlands and Belgium are already part of the Hackshield family. There is a special program that creates young cyber agents who are trained to help other children and adults. There are also educational packages available for schools that stimulate the development of digital literacy. 

In collaboration with the digitalization team of the Ministry of ESKD, BTP, and BNA, work is being done on the project that will stimulate digital development using the concept of a ‘Digital Hub’ for our country in Latin America. Hackshield will host its teams within BNA, where it will not only serve clients in Curaçao but also the Caribbean and South America regions. BNA will work on promoting the service by reselling the Hackshield service in the Caribbean and Latin America regions. BTP is an organization focused on regulation and advisory in the telecommunications, postal, energy, and airport sectors of Curaçao. They also serve as the national computer emergency response team (CARICERT) to promote cybersecurity, with the goal of serving the interests of all residents of Curaçao independently.  

With the signing of this agreement, the Government of Curaçao, through the Ministry of ESKD and the Ministry of TTPU, lays the first foundation to activate the Hackshield project in Curaçao. 


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