Government provides Advent Hospital with thirteen million guilders in support

June 29, 2023  –WILLEMSTAD – Advent Hospital receives liquidity support to ensure healthcare provision. With this, the Interim Minister of Public Health (GMN) Javier Silvania aims to resolve the dispute between the Government and Advent outside the courtroom (Supreme Court). 

Advent Hospital plays a crucial role in the healthcare system of Curaçao. Recently, Advent Hospital has also been designated as an ophthalmic clinic. However, Advent Hospital is facing a significant acute liquidity shortage, which can have adverse effects on the accessibility and quality of healthcare. 

To ensure healthcare provision, it has been agreed that Advent Hospital will receive a liquidity advance of 13.24 million guilders. The distribution of the advance payments has taken into account Advent Hospital’s liquidity needs in 2023. 

The disbursement of the advance payments is subject to the following conditions: 

Advent will take over a portion of the waiting list from CMC hospital in accordance with the directive of the Inspector-General of Public Health. This is expected to result in an increase in revenue for Advent, which cannot yet be quantified. 

Healthcare services must not be suspended throughout the year 2023. 

The liquidity advances may only be used to pay for necessary healthcare expenses and items included in the liquidity advance agreement. 

The General Audit Chamber (SOAB) will be involved to pre-audit the expenditure of the advances (using the monthly list of creditors and accompanying invoices) by receiving all relevant information requested by the Advent’s CEO. 

Advent Hospital must submit an updated liquidity forecast on a monthly basis. 

The cassation procedure following the previously favorable judgment in favor of the Government will be suspended by the CEO of Advent Hospital. 

With this agreement, the Ministry of GMN has created a solution for Advent Hospital’s pressing liquidity shortage and contributed to the safeguarding and expansion of healthcare. 

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