Government offers payment plan for tax debts from 2018 and later

August 18, 2023  –WILLEMSTAD – Taxpayers with outstanding tax debts from 2018 and later can arrange a payment plan with the Receiver. This was announced by the Ministry of Finance. 

Recently, the court ruled that assessments from 2017 and earlier can no longer be collected. This means that taxpayers only need to focus on tax debts from 2018 and onwards. A payment plan is one of the options available. 

The Minister of Finance has published guidelines to inform citizens about the possibilities for a payment plan. These rules explain how the Receiver makes decisions and what conditions apply. 

If the taxpayer has a debt that is lower than 50,000 guilders, a plan of up to four years can be arranged in 48 installments. 

If the payment plan is not fully paid after 48 months, the remaining debt cannot be collected anymore. This only happens if you adhere to the agreements and fulfill your current tax obligations. 

For debts higher than 50,000 guilders, the Public Accountants Bureau can conduct an investigation into the payment capacity of a taxpayer. For those who cannot pay within 48 months without jeopardizing their business, a feasible monthly amount will be considered.” 

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