Fugitive Nicole Lake captured again within 24 hours

October 30, 2023  –WILLEMSTAD – The fugitive Nicole Lake (24), who escaped on Saturday, was apprehended again on Sunday afternoon. This occurred following a tip from the public on the plains of San Pedro at around half past one in the afternoon. She did not resist her arrest. The police also arrested another young man suspected of helping to hide Lake. 

Nicole Lake managed to escape from the SDKK prison where she was serving a sentence for assaulting and threatening her ex-partner, who is also incarcerated. The escape happened in the afternoon, prompting an immediate manhunt. 

The police have also initiated an extensive investigation to determine how Lake was able to escape from the women’s section of the penitentiary. During the escape, the surveillance cameras were out of order both inside and outside, and there was a shift change. The exterior cameras were not functioning due to a power outage. 

Additionally, a getaway vehicle was waiting outside the prison, allowing Lake to change out of her prison attire and into her own clothes. 

This is not the first time Lake has escaped; she had previously escaped multiple times from the Curaçao youth detention center. She was receiving psychiatric treatment at the Forensic Observation and Treatment Department FOBA of the SDKK. 

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