“From Yard” TV series sets the stage with premiere dates for Jamaica and New York

August 22, 2023  -The upcoming TV series “From Yard” has announced its premiere dates in both Jamaica and New York.

On Monday, September 18, the show will make its debut at the Palace Cineplex in Kingston’s Sovereign Centre at 8:30 pm.

One week later, Monday, September 25, the gala premiere will be held at Harlem’s Langston Hughes Auditorium in the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture at 8 pm.

Charity fundraisers: Supporting worthy causes

True to the spirit of giving, both premieres are earmarked as fundraisers.

Proceeds from the Kingston screening will be directed to The BAM MOMS Club, an organization dedicated to supporting expectant mothers through prenatal education.

On the other hand, the New York gala will champion The Union of Jamaican Alumni Associations’ (UJAA) UJAAbotics program, a passionate advocate for robotics in Jamaican schools.

From Yard
Shevrado Oliver (left) and Joe Herrera in From Yard.
(Photo credit- Nick Whatley

Diving deep: What “From Yard” offers

Drawing inspiration from the autobiographical novel “Yardie” by David G. Heron, “From Yard” dives deep into the immigrant experience, navigating personal and professional challenges. Viewers will traverse the protagonist’s journey from childhood in Jamaica to a tumultuous young adulthood in New York.

With David G. Heron as the Executive Producer, the series is a collaboration between Leland and Phaedra Benford’s Cupcake Rapture Studios in Atlanta and an ensemble of writers adapting Heron’s novel for the screen.

An ensemble cast with authentic roots

From Yard’s diverse cast of mostly Jamaican actors is lead by Shevrado Oliver as series lead Dave G Heron and also includes Glen ‘Titus’ Campbell, David Heron (not to be confused with the story’s author David G. Heron), Joe Herrera, Darron Donaldson, Claire Dennison, Chaun Archer, Ashanti Harris and Adam Christian, making his professional acting debut as young Dave G, seen in flashback scenes of the character’s childhood in Jamaica and the USA.

From Yard
Darron Donaldson (left) and Shevrado Oliver in From Yard.
(Photo credit: Nick Whatley)

A closer look: Charities making a difference

Established in 2021, The BAM MOMS Club aims to provide critical prenatal education for expecting mothers, especially between the fourth to seventh month of pregnancy.

Their partnership with “From Yard” is expected to finance a comprehensive six-week prenatal program for underserved mothers, set to kick off in October 2023.

Furthermore, the Union of Jamaican Alumni Associations, a body formed in 1990, has been a steadfast supporter of Jamaican students’ interest in robotics. Current President Donovan Wilson shared that their collaboration with “From Yard” will fund the participation of Jamaican high school scientists at the 2023 FIRST Global Robotics Competition in Singapore from October 7 to 10.

Echoing shared values and hopes

From Yard Producer-Director Leland Benford, also known for his film “Empathy” releasing this fall, shared his excitement about partnering with both charitable entities.

“The BAM MOMS Club and UJAA respectively, are focused on bringing the next generation safely into the world and then seeing to it that they receive all the academic opportunities that they can. This is in perfect line with our core values at Cupcake Rapture Studios,” he said.

“These premieres also give us the opportunity to showcase the pilot of this groundbreaking series to executives and decision makers at various cable networks and streaming platforms, to hopefully secure a production deal for the series and further promote brand Jamaica.This is a happy situation in which everyone wins,” Benford added.

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