Former Doctors Charter School athletic director arrested for inappropriate conduct with student

December 5, 2023  -A former athletic director and physical education teacher at Doctors Charter School in Miami Shores was taken into custody on Friday, facing charges related to alleged misconduct with a female student.

Suspicious incidents unveiled

Jose Glen Rodriguez-Vazquez (Photo: Miami-Dade Corrections)

The alleged incidents unfolded at Doctors Charter School, where 33-year-old Jose Glen Rodriguez-Vazquez was employed.

Authorities revealed that several concerning interactions between the educator and the student had been captured on surveillance cameras between October 31 and November 14.

A troubling office visit

One notable instance captured on camera showcased the student skipping her classes to spend time in Rodriguez-Vazquez’s office.

The arrest report stated that, during this visit, the student was wearing a skirt, and Rodriguez-Vazquez was seen on camera leaning back to observe her.

Reports are that the student was not enrolled in any of Rodriguez-Vazquez’s classes and had no legitimate reason to be in his office during her scheduled class time.

Inappropriate conversations unveiled

In addition to the in-person encounters, the investigation revealed that the two individuals had engaged in multiple sexual conversations.

According to the report, at one point, Rodriguez-Vazquez allegedly expressed his desire to kiss the student.

Following these revelations, Rodriguez-Vazquez, a resident of Pembroke Pines, was arrested and subsequently booked into jail.

School takes action

Doctors Charter School responded to the allegations. In a statement released by the school, it was confirmed that Rodriguez-Vazquez had been terminated as an employee of Doctors Charter School

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