Formal Handover of the Cleared Surface- Former Government Building After Demolition: A Significant Milestone Accomplished

August 16, 2023  -Philipsburg, August 14, 2023 – The Ministry of VROMI (Ministry of Public Housing, Spatial Planning, Environment, and Infrastructure) is pleased to announce the formal handover of the cleared grounds where the former government building once stood. This momentous occasion follows an extensive and carefully executed demolition process, representing a significant achievement in the country’s developmental efforts.

Following Hurricane Irma in 2017, the former government building incurred significant damage, notably deteriorating the roof and building structure, exacerbating pre-existing wear and tear accumulated over the years.

The former government building, which has been an integral part of our country’s history, has undergone a meticulous demolition process spanning 60 days with the winning bidders, and contractors Limitless Infrastructure BV.  This marks a significant step towards progress as new structures like the new Parliament Building, other government offices, parking, and diverse facilities are envisioned.

In the words of the Honorable Minister of VROMI Egbert J. Doran stated during the inauguration of the demolition “It is both an honor and a bittersweet moment to witness this historic transformation. While we bid farewell to a building that has played a vital role in our island’s development, we must look to the future. The passing of Hurricane Irma left this building in a derelict state, but today, we stand as a testament to progress. This achievement is significant for the people of Sint Maarten as we move forward toward a brighter future.”

The former government building, with its rich history and cultural significance, stands as a testament to the country’s progress and enduring heritage. The formal handover underscores the collaborative efforts of the Ministry of VROMI and all skilled professionals who have contributed to the achievement of the honorable and respectful demolition of the old government building.

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