First Venezuelan boats to sail to Curaçao and Aruba soon

May 3, 2023  –CORO – The first small boats from Venezuela carrying vegetables and fruits will depart from Vela de Coro on May 8th. This was reported by the Venezuelan sellers’ organization in Coro. 

There will also be boats departing from the Paraguana peninsula towards Aruba on the same day. The border of that island officially opened on May 1, a month after Curaçao. 

According to the sellers in Vela, the mooring permits for Curaçao were only sent out yesterday, so they can only depart on Sunday or next Monday. The crossing takes about ten hours. 

Last week, an Albatros plane landed on Curaçao, the first flight from Venezuela since the border with the island was opened last month. Laser Airlines will travel from Caracas to Curaçao on Friday May 5.

Aruba will keep its air borders closed for at least three more months. 

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