FCCA Extends and Expands Partnership with Aquila’s Center for Cruise Excellence

Miramar, FL (April 29, 2024) – Florida-Caribbean Cruise Association (FCCA) is proud to announce that it has extended and enhanced its partnership with Aquila’s Center for Cruise Excellence. The new agreement extends Aquila as FCCA’s official training partner for at least another five years with a focus on expanding training sessions for destinations and the cruise industry.

“I cannot be prouder to extend our partnership with Aquila,” said Michele Paige, CEO, FCCA. “On top of the thousands trained and so many more in destinations that benefit from improved services that have proven to result in better guest ratings and more passenger spending, Aquila has truly been an amazing partner for more than a decade.”

“As we renew our valued partnership with FCCA, we are thrilled to continue our journey of empowering cruise destinations with unparalleled training and support,” said Beth Hatt, Founder of Aquila Center for Cruise Excellence. “Together, we’ll set sail towards even greater heights of excellence in the cruise industry.”

Aquila became the FCCA Official Training Partner in 2010. Since then, Aquila has delivered 215 workshops with more than 20,000 participants, along with developing 25 training programs in addition to customized training and product analysis work with destinations and tour operators.

The partnership extension will last for at least another five years, with a focus on continuing Aquila’s recent growth, including clients and training increasing 45% in the last two years, expansion to 10 global trainers who can train in six languages, and adding new training programs such as the recent ones on sustainability and navigating crisis.

Through the extension, these efforts will continue with a focus on enhancing the program and adding more training sessions tailored to the cruise industry’s needs and in ways that can improve benefits for destinations and stakeholders.

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