Ennia’s future central in December meeting between Silvania and unions

November 9, 2023  –WILLEMSTAD – Minister of Finance Javier Silvania (MFK) will meet representatives of an alliance of unions and elderly organizations on December 1 to discuss the future of insurance company Ennia. 

The alliance, with members such as union centers SSK and CGTC, healthcare union CBV, STS, and the union organization Usibo from Bonaire, expressed their plea for the preservation of Ennia in a recent press conference. They express serious concerns about potential cuts to Ennia pensions and the far-reaching consequences if the company were to collapse. 

The alliance has sent a letter to Minister Silvania requesting a dialogue, and it has been agreed that the meeting will take place on December 1. Felipa emphasizes that the alliance aims to find a solution to make Ennia solvent by negotiating with the Dutch government, not only for the short term but for a sustainable future of the company. 

Felipa also warns of the negative impact of terms like ‘death house construction’ and ‘liquidation,’ emphasizing that these can instill fear in both existing and potential Ennia customers. Finally, he mentions that several lawsuits are underway regarding alleged theft at Ennia and that, although it may not be immediate, the stolen money will eventually flow back to Ennia. 

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