Emotions escalate as pharmacies protest for higher prescription fees

November 22, 2023  –WILLEMSTAD – Tensions reached a boiling point on Wednesday morning at the government square as pharmacy owners and staff staged a protest, advocating for an increase in prescription fees. This demonstration resulted in the closure of all pharmacies across the island. 

Dr. Keli and Minister Silvania speaking with protestors

Minister Javier Silvania of Health expressed his dissatisfaction with the protest, declaring the closure illegal. The minister and pharmacy representatives appeared to be in disagreement, particularly regarding the demand for a temporary fee of 10 guilders per prescription. 

Minister Silvania urged for patience, calling for the Curaçao healthcare authority to conduct a thorough evaluation of the prescription fee. As the commotion intensified, the minister decided to discontinue the public discussion, instead inviting the board of the Association of Pharmacy Owners to continue talks in an indoor setting. 

The final outcome of this meeting remains unknown as of now. 

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