Education union DOEN aims to join Organized Consultation in Civil Service Affairs

December 5, 2023  –WILLEMSTAD – The DOEN union seeks to be part of the Organized Consultation in Civil Service Affairs (GOA). This entry should signify a crucial moment for education personnel in Curaçao who are members of the union, promising equal, transparent, and accessible employment conditions for all education staff. 

The intended accession is a significant development for education personnel in Curaçao. The GOA, or Organized Consultation in Civil Service Affairs, is a platform where unions and government entities collaborate to discuss and enhance employment conditions and policies. 

If the entry is successful, the DOEN Union will have a voice in this crucial consultation, allowing them to advocate for fairer working conditions for teachers on the island. 

During the meeting on the Day of Education, the union presented the ‘Ban Komplementá’ plan, aimed at improving the salary structure and promotional opportunities for education personnel who recently did not qualify for promotion. This plan underscores the union’s commitment to improved working conditions in education. 

The process of joining the GOA was explained by union president Marbella Felipa. “After a meeting with the GOA secretariat and confirmation that DOEN meets all the criteria, we formally requested to be part of the GOA on November 6, 2023,” she said. 

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