Ecuador court rejects lawmakers’ challenges to president’s disbanding of National Assembly

May 19, 2023  -QUITO, Ecuador (AP) — Ecuador’s Constitutional Court voted unanimously Thursday to reject multiple challenges that sought to invalidate President Guillermo Lasso’s decree dissolving the opposition-led National Assembly as it tried to oust him in an impeachment trial.

With the ruling, there are no impediments for the country’s electoral body to call elections for president and the legislature, which are tentatively set for August.

In challenging Lasso’s dissolution of the legislature Wednesday, his adversaries tried to persuade the Constitutional Court to rule that the move was illegal on the grounds Ecuador is not facing any urgent crisis. But the court said it does not have jurisdiction to “rule on the verification and motivation of the cause of serious political crisis and internal upheaval invoked” by Lasso to dissolve the assembly.

The conservative president, who sparred with the left-leaning assembly over his pro-business agenda since taking office in 2021, disbanded the chamber under a constitutional provision. Challenges to his decision were filed in the court by three opposition parties, the former president of the assembly, and two private citizens.

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