Doran Applauds Dutch Quarter Residents for Assisting in Road Repairs

November 10, 2023  -DUTCH QUARTER- Minister of VROMI Egbert Doran had high praises for the residents of the Dutch Quarter community today, after several residents, of their own accord, came out in numbers to assist the workers from VROMI who were carrying out road repairs in their area.

“Today I was truly touched and pleasantly surprised by the actions of some of the residents in the Dutch Quarter community, who came together to assist my team, today with the road repair project we are currently undertaking in their area. The spirit of unity and cooperation shone brightly, and I want to take a moment to express my deepest gratitude to these incredible residents who without prompting or being asked, took to the streets and were working side by side with our team from VROMI,” Doran said. “This shows that no matter the challenges we face, we are a very close-knit people, and we always rally together and work as a team. This road repair project is a testament to that, and it was indeed a beautiful thing to see our people working with the team to make our streets more accessible, smoother, and safer.”

The Ministry of VROMI has been conducting road repairs in several areas on the island, which needed immediate attention due to damage following the heavy rains. Though the road work causes traffic build up, Minister Doran indicated that it was necessary to tackle these issues now, to avoid further damages to the infrastructure and to allow for a safer commute by reducing the risk of accidents and depreciation to vehicles, while also enhancing the overall quality of life in our neighborhood.

“This project has not been easy, I have heard and experienced the inconveniences the traffic congestion has caused, especially during peak hours were getting to school and work is concerned and I want to thank the public for your patience and continued understanding where this is concerned,” he said. “While we have made great strides, our work is not over, but I am encouraged by the potential of what we can achieve when our community comes together. I hope that this spirit of unity will continue to flourish, as we work on other initiatives to enhance our neighborhood’s well-being.”

Road repairs will continue over the weekend and the public is urged to pay attention to the road closure notices, which will serve as a guide to avoid inconveniences with commuting until the project is completed.

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