Dominica: Two American nationals charged in connection with murder of hoteliers

December 6, 2023  -Two American nationals are charged for the murders of Canadian-born hoteliers in Dominica.

The charred remains of Daniel Langlois and Dominique Marchard were found in a burnt-out vehicle last Friday.

The accused

The accused are Jonathan Lehrer, a 57-year-old and owner of the historic Bois Cutlette estate in Dominica, and Robert Snider from Pittsburg, Florida.

The accused are set to make their first appearance in a magistrate’s court on Wednesday.

Their arraignment is scheduled before a Roseau Magistrate, where the grave charge of “murder” will be formally leveled against them.

Aiding the investigation

Lehrer, along with his wife and Snider, along with a Dominican national, had initially cooperated with the authorities in their inquiry into the murders.

Reports are that the victims, Langlois and Marchand, were known for their ownership and operation of the Coulibri Ridge Resort.

An ambush

Law enforcement agencies revealed that the two hoteliers fell victim to an ambush by a hired hitman, who killed them before setting their vehicle ablaze.

Road dispute unraveled

Media outlets reported an ongoing dispute between Langlois and Lehrer, centering on the usage of the Morne Rouge Public Road, which traverses the Bois Cutlette estate.

In a significant development in 2019, the OECS Supreme Court ruled in favor of Langlois, affirming the road’s public status, and allowing unrestricted access for Langlois’ guests.

The communities of Soufriere and Gallion have been plunged into a state of shock and anger, mourning the loss of what they describe as “two community icons.”

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