Dissatisfaction among ambulance personnel

April 3, 2023  –WILLEMSTAD – Ambulance personnel is dissatisfied, according to a survey by the Government Accountants Bureau (SOAB).  

Most of the employees of Ambulance Care (FKA) are particularly dissatisfied with the management of the organization. FKA staff believes that the ambulance management lacks a vision for the future, that decisions take a long time to come, and that the management is poorly accessible.  

Employees also indicate that they have little confidence in the expertise of the board. The survey has made it clear where the problems are according to the staff.  

Of the 65 FKA employees, 43 completed a digital questionnaire. That’s about 66.2 percent. According to SOAB, the results of the employee satisfaction survey (MTO) give an accurate picture of what is going on among the staff. 85 percent say they are dissatisfied with the board.  

Based on all the answers from the employees, it is stated that only 28 percent are satisfied with their work at the ambulance service. 50 percent say they are dissatisfied. Furthermore, the results show that dissatisfaction has nothing to do with the content of the work or the workload.  

Care union CBV has indicated several times in the past year that the FKA employees are dissatisfied.  

According to the study, the Ministry of Health, Environment, and Nature (GMN) can now act together with ambulance management. 

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