Digital Government Transformation Project Marks Success with Introduction Meeting

December 14, 2023  -On Sint Maarten – DECEMBER 6th, 2023*-Following the recent introduction meeting and presentation hosted by the Digital Leadership Team (DLT) of the Digital Government Transformation Project (DGTP), on Thursday, November 30th, 2023, at the Government Administration Building, Meeting Room #1, stakeholders expressed enthusiasm for the collaborative efforts underway to revolutionize government service departments which showcased the commitment of the DLT service delivery. Department and Section heads of Government Service Departments gathered to witness the unveiling of the Public Service Centers (PSC) Improvement Plan and its potential impact on working procedures within the respective service departments.

The agenda, featuring key components such as the formal introduction of the DLT, a brief overview of the Digital Government Transformation Project (DGTP), the approved digital strategy and a detailed presentation of the PSC Improvement Plan which captivated participants and prompted engaging discussions during the Q&A session.

Notable additions to the event were messages from both the Prime Minister and the Minister of Finance, members of the Project Oversight Committee (POC). Their insights underscored the government’s commitment to leveraging technology for enhanced public service delivery.

The Honorable Prime Minister Mrs. Silveria Jacobs remarked, “The Digital Government Transformation Project is pivotal in modernizing our public services. It aligns with our vision for a more efficient and citizen-centric government. “Recently, the Ministry of General Affairs Management team underwent the Public Prosci Training 2023 led by the BDO to address the people side of Change Management. Implementing this approach throughout the organization is crucial.

Given the significant changes we’re facing, successfully managing this change is of utmost importance now. The responsibility lies in supporting ongoing projects, our vision, and government initiatives that everyone is embracing. Acknowledging the challenges, we must proactively address potential redundancy in various areas. The focus should be on alleviating concerns amid changes, ensuring everyone is somewhat comfortable with the upcoming transitions. This outlines our vision and the uniqueness we aim to highlight.

Many challenges have been addressed as we implemented changes, and your commitment is appreciated.

Your dedication to being part of necessary changes to better serve our clients aligns with the sentiments of others.”

The Honorable Minister of Finance Mr. Ardwell Irion remarked “I’m enthusiastic about innovation, not just because it’s exciting, but because I recognize its inevitability.’’

Thinking within the realm of growth, technology is poised to continue its rapid advancement. As technology doubles every few years, the pace accelerates, promising even more transformative developments.

This project marks the beginning of substantial development to meet evolving needs. We anticipate years of progress, building on our foundation.

The methods we employ must align with the challenges caused by outdated systems. It’s not just about communication; it’s about progressing together, overcoming setbacks for substantial overall progress.

Positive project outcomes are anticipated, emphasizing it’s about the journey, not just technological advancements. Real progress lies in people, and I’m pleased to see this journey beginning.

Moving forward, we’re excited about the progress this project promises, considering its impact on others. Emphasizing training as a priority, we recognize its crucial role in our innovative journey.

The Minister of General Affairs and the Minister of Finance pledge that training will not be compromised in the future. In fact, they aim to strengthen it where possible. This commitment aligns with our understanding of the civil service, as reflected in employee surveys. The progress we’re witnessing is a result of a long-standing push for historic transformation.

As they move forward, the Digital Government Transformation Project reaffirms its dedication to fostering a digital-first approach within government organizations. The collaborative spirit demonstrated at the meeting sets the stage for continued progress and the realization of a more efficient and responsive public service.

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