Detention for attempted murder

August 18, 2023  –WILLEMSTAD – On Wednesday, August 16, 2023, around 17:06, the Police Central received information about a stabbing incident on Havenstraat. Immediately, a police unit was dispatched to the scene. 

Upon the arrival of the police unit, they found a woman who was bleeding significantly from her arm, chest, and side. 

From the investigation, it became evident that the woman’s ex-partner had allegedly stabbed her three times with a knife before leaving the scene. 

Emergency medical personnel were directed to the site due to the victim’s critical condition. After stabilizing the victim, she was transported to the emergency room of C.M.C. (Curaçao Medical Center) for advanced medical treatment. 

Subsequently, a unit from Rio Canario Police Station was directed to the address of the suspect. While en route, the Rio Canario unit spotted the suspect in a vehicle and initiated a pursuit, successfully stopping the vehicle. During the encounter, the suspect attempted to stab himself and cut his wrists. 

Police on the scene provided assistance while awaiting the arrival of an ambulance. An ambulance arrived to provide assistance and later transported the suspect to the emergency room of C.M.C. for further medical treatment.

Around 20:40, the detention of the 42-year-old male suspect, identified as L.J. and born in Curaçao, took place at the C.M.C. Police Station. 

The suspect was presented before an assistant prosecutor, who ordered his detention pending further investigation.” 

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