Derrick Morgan retains lawyer to pursue defamation case against Queen Ifrica

November 10, 2023  -The family of Jamaican ska singer Derrick Morgan says they have retained a lawyer and will pursue legal action against Morgan’s daughter, popular reggae Queen Ifrica, for allegations she made against her father earlier this year.

Merrick Morgan, the son of the 83-year-old ska singer, confirmed that they have retained attorney-at-law Charles Ganga-Singh in Jamaica to pursue a defamation suit against Queen Ifrica.

“We have retained the services of Charles Ganga-Singh to represent the defamation case against Ventrice [more popularly known as Queen Ifrica],” Merrick confirmed.

In August, via social media, Queen Ifrica alleged that her father had sexually violated her several years ago.

She revealed that as a child, she had an estranged relationship with Morgan due to issues surrounding her mother. However, as an adult, she attempted to reconnect with him.

Queen Ifrica described a specific incident where the alleged rape occurred, at his Kingston residence.

“Inna the hours, mi go to bed and go lay down pon the bed. Mi father never ready to go to bed yet, and the next thing mi wake up to inna the hours is mi father a penetrate me. Mi wake up inna the hours to mi father trying to penetrate me sexually; hold mi down inna the bed and have sex with me and tell me seh him wife nah have no sex with him, so, him haffi do it with me,” she said.

The singer further disclosed that the traumatic incident motivated her to pen the 2009 hit song “Daddy,” which addresses incest.

Derrick Morgan later dismissed the allegations on Instagram.

“Queen I Freak Ya, you are a disgrace to the Morgan family,” he wrote in a post. “You are a wealth of lies and accusations, that is why our lawyers are on the case.”

Morgan also highlighted a 2017 interview where Ifrica discussed the inspiration behind the song, emphasizing her admission of wanting to write about incest due to its prevalent impact on people she personally knows.

His sons, Courtney and Merrick, had also defended him on various platforms, including on Ifrica’s pages.


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