Department of Statistics St. Maarten Ongoing Labour Force Survey

November 29, 2023   -The Department of Statistics St. Maarten is pleased to announce the commencement of its comprehensive Labour Force Survey, aimed at gathering vital insights into the
dynamics of our workforce.
The Labour Force Survey is distinct from a Population Census, focusing specifically on employment-related data. Unlike a census, which provides a snapshot of the entire
population, the Labour Force Survey delves into the complexities of our workforce, capturing details such as employment status, industry participation, and other critical
labour market indicators.
This initiative is a crucial step in understanding the current state of our labour force, identifying trends, and informing policies that contribute to the economic well-being
of St. Maarten.
Residents are encouraged to participate when contacted, as their responses will play a pivotal role in shaping informed decisions for the future. The Department of
Statistics St. Maarten appreciates the public’s cooperation in this important project.

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