Defence gives training courses to security partners in the Dutch Caribbean Region

December 11, 2023  -Defence during the last two weeks, has given two training courses. Besides their own personnel, the Curaçao soldiers, also several security partners did participate, under which the KPC, VKC, Fire Brigade, and Ambulance personnel. On Friday the 8th of December the 30 trainees received their certificate, awarded by Minster of Justice Shalten Hato and the Commander of the Marine Barracks Suffisant, Major Steven Baan.

The two training courses called “Collegial Network” and “Mentally Fit” are of great importance in the context of promoting the mental health and resilience of professionals who are regularly confronted with challenging and potentially traumatic situations.

The objective of the “Collegial Network” is to increase the discussion of mental health and to make an early assessment of possible mental problems after experiencing potentially shocking events. This is to provide accessible support to colleagues who find themselves in such situations due to their work.

The “Mentally Fit” training provides participants with practical tools to maintain mental resilience under stressful circumstances. This training arises from the needs of chain partners in Curaçao, who are confronted every day with various challenging situations within different safety domains.

The training courses took place at the Suffisant Marine Barracks and were enthusiastically received by the participants. Given the impact and need, Defence aims to offer the training courses regularly, expectedly twice a year.

Providing training to various security partners contributes to supporting the professional development with the ultimate goal of improving security in the Dutch Caribbean Region.

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