DCOMM reminds public to protect their hearing during the Carnival season

April 13, 2023  -Philipsburg – Carnival time is here again. The Department of Communication (DCOMM) is reminding the public to protect their hearing during this festive time. In addition, there is the additional message of “Don’t Drive while Intoxicated.” Starting on Thursday, April 13, for the next couple of weeks DCOMM will share—via Tv/Video, Radio, Print, and Social Media—several Public Service Announcements.

With this awareness campaign that DCOMM has undertaken, under the banner of #reduce noise pollution, the
members of the community are strongly encouraged to protect their hearing and those of loved ones and family
members while experiencing and enjoying all aspects of Carnival, from watching the parades on the side of the
road, taking part in jumping and jamming behind or in front of the trucks, attending concerts, and hanging out at
the bars and restaurants along the Pond Fill road and by the booths inside the Carnival Village.

There are several ways to protect one’s hearing, from wearing earplugs or cotton balls to staying a little distance
from the loud speakers and not being close to the loud speakers for prolonged periods. Prolonged exposure to loud
music or noise or being too close to sound, or loud music without ear protection can cause harm to your hearing.
The idea is to convey a message to the community about the seriousness of hearing loss.
The PSAs will air on SXM Radio 107.9FM, SXMGOV Facebook, Sint Maarten Government @ Instagram and Twitter,
and the Government Information Page in print newspaper.

Reminding the residents, visitors, guests, and everyone else that noise pollution affects your health by disturbing
sleep and mental focus, causing hearing loss, and raising your blood pressure.
DCOMM hereby wishes all an enjoyable and festive Carnival, and encourages everyone to look out for and to tune
into our programs and messages on all of our mediums.
Phase 4 of the Noise Pollution/Protect Your Hearing campaign is for the summer months, and is aimed at parents,
guardians, adults, bigger siblings, and children.

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