Dancehall artist Macka Diamond is Walmart’s new brand ambassador

November 14, 2023  -Dancehall artist Macka Diamond has announced a brand partnership with major United States retail giant Wamart.

A press release from Macka Diamond’s team states that the artist is now the retailer’s newest social media brand ambassador, after inking a deal that “marks a pivotal moment in both the world of Jamaican entertainment and corporate synergy.”

“Renowned for her infectious lyrics and dynamic stage presence, Macka Diamond has captured the hearts of millions globally. Today, she takes centre stage in a new arena, transcending musical boundaries to forge a dynamic partnership with Wal-Mart, one of the world’s foremost retail powerhouses,” the statement read.

As social media brand ambassador, the 52-year-old artist will be responsible for “harnessing the digital landscape to amplify the brand’s message to her audience.”

Walmart in its comment said it recognises the transformative power of influencers like Macka Diamond in shaping contemporary culture.

“Macka’s distinctive and unique ability to connect with her audience aligns seamlessly with Wal-Mart’s commitment to inclusivity and community engagement. This partnership signifies more than just a brand association; it represents a shared commitment to excellence, innovation, and cultural appreciation,” the release said.

The partnership also aims to highlight a “paradigm shift in the way entertainment and commerce converge, emphasising the mutual benefits of Jamaica’s cultural resonance and corporate vision.”

Macka Diamond, whose real name is Charmaine Munroe, has been active in the Jamaican music industry since the 1980s. Early in her career, she was known by the stage names Lady Charm, Lady Worries and Lady Mackerel.

After a string of singles, including collaborations with Captain Barkey and Wickerman, she changed her name to Macka Diamond with her 2003 single “Tek Con.” She went on to acheive even more success with songs like “Bun Him,” “Done Already,” and “Dye Dye.”

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