June 25, 2023  -Dear editor, this article is to let the people know the facts and truth that occur with the justice department verdict against me as the former prison director.
The task of a prosecutor is to prove that a crime has been committed.
A prosecutor also has a duty to report any evidence favorable to the suspect.
The prosecutor, in accordance with the law, should perform his duties fairly, consistently and expeditiously, and respect and protect human dignity and uphold human rights, thus contributing to ensuring due process and the smooth functioning of the criminal justice system.
On February 21st, 2018 the courts of 1st instance convicted me (Edward Rohan) former prison director for being involved in vote buying / bribery and breach of secrency of the office when I was director at the prison.
Let me bring clarity to the matter of the facts:
1 I was never sworn in officially as prison director.
2 The prosecutor never explained what was the dereliction of duty and the breach of secrecy act I committed.
3 Where in the constitution or in our law is it illegal to give a list of inmates to any person who can vote?

I visited the census office and inquired if it is illegal to give information of people who are allowed (voting list of inmates at the prison) to vote, they say no, but they do not do that.
I also inquired with the national detective because they are the people who are authorized to do the investigation, and they told me after the fact they do not see any relevant case against me.
This case is being appealed on the federal level, but my life has to go on, because of this situation I can not get a clean police record for me to further my career.
I am being strangled financially which is wrong and immoral, this is not justice and how justice is supposed to function.
The purpose of justice is a legal structure or system that is designed to judge in a general sense who should be accorded a benefit or burden when the law is applied to a person’s factual circumstances, this was not done in my case.
Conclusion, as a son of the soil and as an innocent person that did not break the law, how can we have a justice system make a claim without any evidence or facts proven of any foul play continuing to establish in St.Maarten?
How can we allow injustice to stand, and what are we willing to do legally about it? Some of the solutions are for honest and up right citizens to come forward and blow the whistle when injustice is done. People in the justice system be it police, prison, immigration should come forward and point out when the justice system abuses it powers and to make sure none of the politicians use their power to manipulate the justice system and weaponize it for their political power. The media in St.Maarten should follow up in aggressive manner with investigative reporting. These are some of the solutions to rectify many injustices that have occurred in the past years in St.Maarten. A suspect is innocent until proven guilty. I will endure to the end like a good soldier of God. I am an innocent man, and I am a victim of the injustice that is done to me.


Mr. Edward Rohan

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