D66 wants climate bonus of 250 euros for all Dutch people

September 11, 2023  –THE HAGUE – The D66 wants every Dutch citizen to receive a “climate bonus” of 250 euros. This should be paid from the abolition of fossil fuel subsidies, said party leader Rob Jetten in a speech in Arnhem. 

The party’s green course was made clear in Jetten’s speech. On X, D66 posted that “Polluting companies must go green or pay the fair price. We say goodbye to fossil subsidies wisely and quickly. We let the revenue flow back to society. A climate bonus of 250 euros per year for every Dutch person.” 

The party wants an end to fossil fuel subsidies “in a sensible way.” This will increase costs and the D66 leader wants to offset this with a climate bonus. Jetten pointed out that this bonus has already been implemented in Austria and Canada. 

In general, the party’s goal is to speed up the environmentally friendly energy transition, the AD reported. And companies that emit a lot of CO2 and nitrogen are being targeted in particular. Among them is Tata Steel. If the polluting companies don’t want to switch to other energy sources, the only option is to close them down, says the ruling party’s industry memorandum. 

By 2030, these companies will have to emit significantly less and in the meantime look for green energy sources as alternatives, such as solar and wind power, according to the newspaper. 

This week, researchers from SOMO, Oil Change International, and Milieudefensie reported that the Dutch government is losing 37.5 billion euros in revenue annually due to regulations that favor the use of fossil fuels. 

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