Curaçao Refinery as a catalyst for sustainable industrial energy transition

October 16, 2023  –WILLEMSTAD – Refineria di Kòrsou (RdK) is committed to the development and leasing of assets and land surrounding the refinery and the Bullenbaai Terminal in Curaçao for sustainable industrial activities. In addition to seeking an operator for the refinery, RdK has developed a strategy over the past few years to utilize the other assets and land under its management for new sustainable economic activities. RdK will achieve this by collaborating with partners, customers, and investors. 

Informing and communicating with the community is a crucial part of this process. As a result, RdK is currently engaging with various target groups in the community to establish effective communication and information sharing. The ultimate goal is to create a modern, sustainable, and attractive industrial port area for Curaçao in collaboration with partners, customers, and investors. 


The globally implemented energy transition and the growth of circular economy-focused activities offer the opportunity to create a new economic pillar for Curaçao. RdK sees significant potential to develop and lease its properties to investors interested in establishing innovative, sustainable, and environmentally friendly industries on Curaçao. In its facilitating role, RdK aims to be a catalyst for industrial energy transition and contribute to the creation of sustainable value chains. 

With these plans, RdK aims to make a substantial contribution to economic diversification and the generation of more employment opportunities. Additionally, these economic activities should contribute to an increase in the gross national product and poverty reduction. Clean energy and the remediation of historical water and soil contamination are also significant aspects of the plans. RdK is focusing on industries in the following segments: sustainable energy, port and logistics, light industry, high-tech food production, and industries catering to the typical needs of a small island economy. The plans will be implemented over several years. 


The first projects to realize RdK’s vision are now visible. Along Nijlweg, infrastructure is being developed for the Eco-Industry Park. Currently, the initial phase involves land remediation and road construction. One of the first projects to be established in this park is the “e-Mobility project,” which, in close collaboration with the Curaçao Bus Company, will include a 1MW solar park, six electric buses from the Curaçao Bus Company, batteries, and a power management system. This project represents a significant initial step in the electrification of public transportation on our island. Simultaneously, other private initiatives are being developed, such as sustainable ship recycling at the Schottegat facilities and renewable diesel production at Bullenbaai. RdK is also closely cooperating with various government owned NVs (public limited liability companies) and ministries to jointly establish a sustainable hydrogen production chain on Curaçao. 

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