Curaçao MPs participate in Parlatino

April 17, 2023  –PANAMA CITY – On April 13th and 14th, several members of parliament traveled to Panama to participate in meetings of Parlatino. Parlatino is a parliament formed by different parliaments in Latin America and the Caribbean that aims to address issues relevant to the region and its member countries. 

During the opening of the meeting, the three commissions discussed the topic of “Gender Equality” together. During this discussion, members of parliament had the opportunity to receive information from organizations such as UN Women and Organon, who are doing a lot of work in the field of gender equality. One point of attention during the discussion was Panama’s approach to the topic by establishing a Ministry of Women, with the first Minister of Women being Ms. Juana Herrera Arauz. 

Several topics were discussed that are relevant to Curaçao, including the importance of diversity in politics and treating gender issues at the national level for the development of our community in all aspects. 

After discussing gender equality, each committee continued to discuss their respective topics. The Health Commission focused on laws to protect neurological processes, the Energy and Mining Commission discussed efficiency in the energy sector, and the Gender Equality, Family, and Youth Commission discussed equal access to consumer products. 

In addition, it was decided that each country would go back to its parliament and/or government to provide possible input on different legislative models. 

The MPs that represented Curaçao in these committees are the Health Committee, Juniel Carolina, the Energy and Mining Commission, Ana Maria Pauletta and David Seferina, the Gender Equality, Family, and Youth Committee Sheldry Osepa, first vice president of the committee, Fergino Brownbill, and Gwendell Mercelina.

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