Curaçao government takes action to address power supply issues; Minister to appoint new technical director for the company

June 16, 2023  –WILLEMSTAD – Following a series of power supply problems in the past two months and two blackouts in the last eight days, the Curaçao government is committed to taking action to prevent further disruptions. Minister Ruisandro Cijntje of Economic Development made this announcement during a press conference this morning. 

Minister Cijntje highlighted that the power supply has been unstable for the past two months, with several significant incidents occurring since 2020. These ongoing issues have caused numerous problems for the population and have had adverse effects on the economy. Recognizing the urgency of the situation, Minister Cijntje held extensive meetings with all stakeholders yesterday and today to address the matter comprehensively. 

As part of the government’s plan, a new policy will be implemented to ensure tangible improvements for the population. One significant aspect of this strategy is the appointment of a new technical director for Aqualectra, the power utility company responsible for the island’s electricity supply. 

The government is fully committed to resolving the power supply challenges and aims to prevent any further disruptions. Minister Cijntje emphasized the importance of stable and reliable electricity for the well-being of the population and the continued economic development of Curaçao. The implementation of the new policy, coupled with the appointment of a capable technical director, is expected to bring about positive changes and enhance the power supply infrastructure on the island. 

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