Criminal investigation into forged documents in Isla takeover

August 2, 2023  –WILLEMSTAD – The Public Prosecution Service in Curaçao has initiated a criminal investigation into possible forgery of financial documents in the Caribbean Petroleum Refinery (CPR) process. 

The investigation was prompted by several reports that were filed. The Public Prosecution Service confirms that there is indeed an ongoing criminal investigation but provides no further information at this time. The initial report was filed by the Central Bank CBCS, and subsequently, the owner of the refinery, RdK, also filed a report with the Public Prosecution Service. 

In early 2023, it was revealed by the media that there were forgeries in the CPR process. The purpose of the criminal investigation is to determine whether there was indeed a crime and the circumstances surrounding this alleged offense. The investigation is led by the public prosecutor, who can request special investigative measures such as searches or wiretapping of phone conversations. 

The CPR and the group behind it have issued threats against the Government of Curaçao and individuals who may be responsible for leaking confidential information. The local banking sector had already shown reluctance to do business with CPR earlier this year. The Prime Minister of Curaçao, Gilmar Pisas, had maintained confidence in CPR, even after the revelations about the forgeries. 

A former executive of the Caribbean Petroleum Refinery, Raul Socorro, and other individuals involved are looking forward to the criminal investigation with confidence. They are convinced that the investigation will clear their names. This was reported by CPR’s attorney, Bertie Braam. 

According to Braam, a preliminary investigation was conducted first, and based on the findings of this investigation, the Public Prosecution Service decided to initiate a criminal investigation. However, CPR’s attorney does not know the number of reports filed and the reasons behind them. 

The core of the investigation concerns a letter dated September 22, 2022, in which an attempt was made to inform RdK that the CPR group had partners with a financial capacity of 2.5 billion US dollars. 

The signature of a man named Ricardo F, who signed this letter, is now the subject of investigation. It has been revealed that the information provided by Ricardo F. was incorrect. It is likely that Ricardo F. will be considered one of the main suspects in the investigation. 

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