Covid-19 no longer classified as top infectious disease, says health minister

June 19, 2023  –AMSTERDAM – Covid-19 is no longer a status A infectious disease, Dutch Health Minister Ernst Kuipers announced to the Tweede Kamer. The reduction means that doctors and, for example, laboratories no longer have to report positive tests to the municipal health departments (GGD). However, monitoring of the virus will continue, for example through testing of wastewater. This allows the government to act quickly if necessary. 

Kuipers’ decision follows the RIVM, which had previously recommended lifting the A status for Covid-19. The general coronavirus advice, such as staying home when sick and consulting with employers about working from home in case of minor complaints, remains in place. According to the minister, this is necessary to prevent the spread of the virus as much as possible. The respiratory virus can still cause serious health problems, especially among vulnerable people such as the elderly. 

In the spring, the last Covid-19 advisories and rules have already expired. For example, you no longer have to take a self-test if you have symptoms. If you do have Covid-19, you also no longer need to go into isolation. However, some basic advice remains in effect, such as coughing and sneezing into your elbows, washing your hands regularly, and getting enough fresh air. 

The progress of the virus, which has caused a pandemic for more than two years, continues to be tracked on what is known as the coronavirus dashboard. GGD funding for coronavirus activities will also change since the virus no longer has the A status. 

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