Controversial Jamaican attorney Antoinette Haughton Cardenas has died in the US

April 28, 2023  -Well-known Jamaican attorney-at-law, public figure and talk show host Antoinette Haughton Cardenas passed away this morning in the United States. She was 67-years-old, and is survived by her son and three brothers.

According to some reports, Haughton Cardenas had been battling an undisclosed illness for years. Other reports indicate that family members say she was well and perfectly healthy.

Haughton Cardenas has a colorful and controversial past in homeland of Jamaica.

Between the 1990s and the 2000s, she became a prominent figure in Jamaica for her strong social justice stance expressed in her talk show. She was also known for co-founding Jamaica’s third, and now defunct, political party, United People’s Party.

However, Haughton Cardenas fell from grace in 2009 when she was accused of defrauding millions from some of her clients. She was subsequently banned from practicing on the island. It was then she allegedly absconded bail, failed to appear in court and ultimately fled to the United States.

Reports are that she has been living in the United States for 15 years.

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