Contrasting statements raise questions about government house transfers

August 31, 2023  –WILLEMSTAD – In a letter directed to Prime Minister Gilmar Pisas, Ana Maria Pauletta, a Member of Parliament representing the PAR party, expressed her concern over recent media reports regarding the Prime Minister’s intention to transfer government-owned houses for a mere symbolic fee of ANG 1,-. The surprising aspect of this situation, Pauletta pointed out, lies in the contrast between the Prime Minister’s announcement and the response from Charles Cooper, the Minister responsible for social housing. 

Pauletta highlighted that in a letter dated July 21, 2023, Minister Cooper clarified that, according to existing legislation, the purchase price of these houses could be reduced by a maximum of ANG 3500,-. Furthermore, Cooper revealed that he is actively working on a legislative proposal to potentially increase this reduction amount. During a parliamentary session on August 24th, Cooper acknowledged having heard the Prime Minister’s statements in the media but refrained from confirming or denying them. 

This dichotomy of messages emanating from two ministers within the same Pisas cabinet has caused substantial confusion among potential homebuyers. Given this context, the need for clarity becomes evident, especially for individuals residing in these government-owned houses who are contemplating their purchase. Pauletta, taking into consideration the apparent discrepancies, urged the Prime Minister to provide transparency and a sense of reassurance to the public. 

Pauletta further raised the question of whether the Prime Minister’s proposed symbolic fee of ANG 1,- for government house transfers aligns with his earlier promise. Can Prime Minister Pisas offer a definitive clarification on this matter? As this issue continues to capture public attention, the call for transparency becomes increasingly pertinent. 

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