Commissioner Heyliger highlights Saba’s rich history and commitment to progress

December 6, 2023  -As Saba commemorates its annual Saba Day, Commissioner Eviton Heyliger delivered a heartfelt speech that celebrated the island’s remarkable journey, emphasizing the spirit of adventure and determination that defines this Caribbean gem. Known as ‘The Unspoiled Queen,’ Saba stands proudly as a symbol of unity, strength, and progress.

Heyliger urged the community to reflect on a unique event from the past, the ‘Saba Hill Climb.’ This exhilarating car race, a cherished part of Saba’s history, embodied the island’s ambition and enthusiasm. Participants fearlessly conquered challenging terrains, symbolizing the unyielding spirit that has always defined Saba.

The Commissioner highlighted the incredible progress achieved over the years, thanks to the dedication and hard work of the people of Saba. The island has transformed with improved infrastructure, schools, healthcare, and transportation systems, offering better opportunities and a higher standard of living for all. Saba’s resilience shines through as a testament to its commitment to progress.

Beyond resilience, Saba also boasts a heart of embrace, welcoming people from all corners of the world. The island’s diversity is celebrated as strength, fostering connections and understanding among its residents.

Looking towards the future, Heyliger emphasized the importance of embracing lessons from the past. Like the Hill Climb participants, Saba must face challenges with determination to continue its path of progress and development. The Commissioner urged everyone to shape a more sustainable, prosperous, and inclusive future for Saba.

Delving into the significance of ‘The Unspoiled Queen,’ Heyliger explained how this nickname encapsulates the essence of Saba. It represents a commitment to preserving the natural beauty, culture, and values of the island. Saba’s dedication to sustainable development and eco-tourism is evident in its pristine environment.

Heyliger called for acknowledgment of the responsibility that comes with being ‘The Unspoiled Queen.’ The island’s unspoiled spirit must guide its residents to protect and preserve their home, ensuring future generations can enjoy the same natural beauty and opportunities.

The Commissioner highlighted recent strides in embracing sustainable practices and environmental conservation. Saba is reaping the benefits of responsible development, protecting natural resources while creating opportunities for its people.

In a rapidly changing world, Saba’s heart of embrace remains open to all who seek to be part of the community. Heyliger encouraged Sabans to cherish their history, celebrate accomplishments, and remain united in the pursuit of a promising future.

The Commisioner concluded his speech, wishing all Sabans a Happy Saba Day. “May the Unspoiled Queen continue to stand as a shining example of what can be achieved through resilience, unity, and open hearts.”

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