Coalition MP denounces: ‘People who apply online for welfare must wait almost a year to go through a verification process’

May 9, 2023  –WILLEMSTAD – Member of Parliament for the coalition party MFK Maria Nita states in a letter to the President of Parliament that online petitions for social assistance need to be efficient for those with fewer resources. The launch of the website in 2020 was established to meet the need to automate and modernize the structure for online petitioning and thus help our people in need in a faster way. 

In her letter she states that it is important to consider the reality that the majority of individuals applying for assistance, in most cases, have almost nothing at their disposal at home to apply online. There may also be people who don’t have computer skills. In cases where there is a computer or digital phone available, it can still be challenging for someone without income to maintain an internet connection, especially when their primary needs are food. Additionally, the application process itself can take at least 2 hours or more to answer the questions and submit proof documents via a document scanner in the online system. 

The application needs to align with the goal of applying online for people to receive assistance as quickly as possible with a practical solution while the control process is underway. The process takes too long without reason because the government needs to coordinate with the Civil Registry (Kranshi) and the Social Insurance Bank (SVB) to internally and efficiently provide provisional approval or denial to individuals in need. 

It is necessary to optimize the service, and the ministry is urged to analyze how they can serve the people in a more humane manner, considering the situation of need. Let us also consider that it involves mothers, fathers, and families in need, says the MP. 

Nita then asked some questions to the minister in charge of welfare. The MP wants to know if the minister can implement a humanitarian process for individuals to receive an advance payment or provision of food before the application is definitively approved.  

Many people have been waiting for almost a year, which goes against the waiting period prescribed by the law. The MP wants to know how will the approved petitions after the 8-week period be addressed or compensated.  

The Minister has mentioned that there are 950 individuals receiving assistance with underage children at home. The MP asks if these individuals have “priority” for job opportunities and other subsidies. 

These questions are directed to Minister of Labor and Welfare Ruthmilda Larmonie-Cecilia of the PNP party. 

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