CMC specialists demand response to their letters from Silvania

May 15, 2023  –WILLEMSTAD – A lawsuit between the Curaçao Medical Center (CMC) and the government is looming as the hospital’s specialists decline an invitation from Minister of Health, Environment, and Nature (GMN) Javier Silvania to engage in discussions. 

The specialists insist that the minister address their letters and repeal the National Ordinance Normering Top Incomes (LNT). They argue that this scheme imposes a financial ceiling that hinders their ability to perform their work with the required precision and quality. Consequently, numerous surgeries are being postponed, leading to even longer waiting times in various departments and hindering the recruitment of new candidates. 

The Ministry of GMN sent a letter to the CMC on Thursday, proposing a meeting on Monday. The CMC threatens to take the matter to court if the health minister fails to respond to the LNT conflict within a week, as they believe further discussions would be futile. 

According to the specialists, the minister has not responded to any of their letters, making further dialogue seemingly unproductive. 

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