Climate change: How is my country doing on tackling it?

June 5, 2023  -BBC News –Every year countries pledge to cut their greenhouse gas emissions in an effort to curb the impacts of climate change.

But still global temperatures keep rising.

Just last month, scientists announced that average global temperatures would likely pass the 1.5C threshold for the first time in the next five years. As temperatures rise the world will see more devastating heatwaves, wildfires and floods.

The question now is whether the world can stop at 1.5C.

On Monday, countries meet for the Bonn climate conference, to discuss their pledges and look ahead to the next big UN climate conference, COP28, which opens in Dubai in November.

So which countries are on track with their climate commitments to help stick to 1.5C and which are not? Find out using the interactive chart below.

Saudi Arabia’s most recent pledges could yield a range of emissions, according to the Climate Action Tracker. Emissions from its current policies could fall within the range of pledged emissions, but would still be higher than the midpoint shown in the chart above.

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