Chasing Horse sex abuse charges upheld, drug crime dropped

April 8, 2023  -LAS VEGAS (AP) — A Nevada judge has thrown out a drug trafficking charge against a former “Dances With Wolves” actor but upheld a Las Vegas grand jury’s sweeping indictment on 18 sexual abuse-related felony crimes.

In an order issued late Friday afternoon, Clark County District Court Judge Carli Kierny said state prosecutors presented enough evidence for “a reasonable grand juror to conclude that the sexual assaults occurred” but found that there was no substantive testimony connecting Nathan Chasing Horse to the psilocybin mushrooms investigators found while searching his home.

Chasing Horse, 46, had asked Kierny to toss the entire indictment, saying his accusers wanted to have sex with him. One of the women was younger than 16 — the age of consent in Nevada — when she says Chasing Horse began abusing her.

Public defender Kristy Holston said she had no comment on the judge’s ruling.

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