Census of Curaçao to begin in September

August 18, 2023  –WILLEMSTAD – After months of preparation, the Central Bureau of Statistics is ready to launch Senso23. From September 2nd to October 20th, enumerators will visit all households in Curaçao to count the population and housing on the island.

During Senso23, approximately 750 enumerators will go door-to-door in Curaçao neighborhoods to conduct interviews with individuals. Enumerators will wear a blue vest with the Senso23 logo and identify themselves with a badge. This badge contains a photo, name, and signature of the director. 

A QR code on the badge can be scanned to verify the official status of the enumerator. Verification is also possible through phone numbers 839-2300 or 520-2227, including WhatsApp. 


This time, enumerators will complete the Senso23 forms digitally. The questionnaire is available in four languages, depending on the household’s preference. Demographic questions will be answered by each resident, while one person per household will answer the questions about the dwelling. 

Senso guarantees complete anonymity according to statistical law, with all collected individual information required to remain confidential. 

To facilitate the process, it is recommended to have relevant information on hand. A checklist on the Senso23 website can be used as a tool. If an enumerator doesn’t find anyone, a card will be left for a follow-up appointment. 


The CBS relies on the cooperation of the entire community to make Senso23 a success again. Everyone is encouraged to fully participate and contribute to a clear understanding of the situation on the island.” 

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