Celebrating Mother’s Day, the Caribbean way

May 13, 2023  -CNW News -Let’s be honest, every day should be Mother’s Day. Most of us have been lucky to be blessed with the presence of a strong woman in our lives. It could be our own mothers, grandmothers, or a woman who stepped up and changed the course of our lives. The term mother is flexible.

In the Caribbean, mothers are especially important. For many, mothers both provide for us and nurture us. They put the clothes on your back and the food in your belly. Some mothers pull double duty, running an entire household on their own. Every May, stores hang up their discount signs and bring the dresses to the shop windows, and vendors patrolling the street armed with roses and donuts guilt trip you as you drive by, “You buy anything for your mother yet?”

There’s no wrong way to celebrate Mother’s Day, as long as you celebrate it. Here are some ways we do it in the Caribbean.


Mother’s Day brunch is a staple. There’s no better way to show someone what they mean to you than through the gift of good food. In the Caribbean, many hotels and caterers offer walk-in brunch buffets that include local favorites side-by-side with continental cuisines to give mom the very best.

Live Music

Music is a big deal in the Caribbean. For Mother’s Day, many promoters and organizers put together fun day events, complete with live bands performing covers of popular songs celebrating women. This is a great treat for a Mom who loves music and entertainment.

A Play

Throughout the Caribbean, local theaters and productions love to get in on the Mother’s Day spirit and often offer discounts on their plays. Plays are an important part of Caribbean culture and oftentimes feature motherhood in a central role. Art imitates life, after all.

House Cleaning

Sometimes the best way to celebrate Mom is by staying in. Caribbean people treat every event as an opportunity to do some deep cleaning – Easter, New Year, Christmas. On Mother’s Day, everyone pitches in so Mom can put her feet up, relax, and take a load off on her special day.

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