Caribbean women elected to top CARICHAM positions

June 30, 2023  -The executive director of the Grenada Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Petipha Lewis, is one of two Caribbean women elected to top positions of the Network of Caribbean Chambers of Industry and Commerce (CARICHAM).

Lewis has been elected unopposed as the chair of CARICHAM, with Kim Aikman, the executive director of the Belize Chamber of Commerce, was elected as Vice President in what has been described as a “significant step forward for gender equality and female leadership in the Caribbean business landscape”.

Lewis brings a wealth of expertise and a fresh perspective to her role, saying that her vision for the organization emphasizes the importance of exclusivity and unity among member nations.

“Our strength lies in fully cloaking ourselves in the rich tapestry of our member nations and the diversity of our perspectives,” she said.

“By fostering an inclusive environment that values and embraces differences, we can unlock the full potential of CARICHAM and create a forum where every voice is heard, respected, and valued,” she added.

Aikman said that “CARICHAM remains committed to creating an environment that values and embraces the contributions of all member nations, as it endeavors to unlock the full potential of the organization and its members.

A statement noted that their election “marks a significant milestone in the history of CARICHAM, as it is the first time that the two top posts in the regional organization are filled by women. Their appointments signify the growing recognition and empowerment of women in leadership roles within the Caribbean business community”.

President of the Suriname Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Jayant “Anil” Padarath, will also serve on the executive team as the immediate past chair.


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