School boards provide feedback on Van Heydoorn’s report

March 29, 2023 –

WILLEMSTAD – On Monday, seven school boards expressed their opinion on the final report of Minister of Education, Science, Culture and Sport Sithree van Heydoorn. The report is a baseline measurement of the situation within the education sector. Sources close to the minister say that the final report will be published this week.  

Van Heydoorn could count on a lot of criticism a while ago. Several representatives of the school boards were critical of the interim report, which was published earlier. The special education school boards had doubts about the composition of the working group that carried out the research and the report was said to be based on desk research.  

At the initiative of the school boards, a discussion took place so that the representatives could give their feedback. The minister says that he will include their feedback in the final report, although he also notes that he cannot meet all wishes.