Caribbean Eagles declare May Month of Motorcycle Safety and Awareness

May3, 2023  – The Daily Herald  -PHILIPSBURG–The month of May has been declared “Motorcycle Safety and Awareness Month” by Caribbean Eagles motorcycle riders. The group calls on all users of the public roads to pay attention to safety and respect each other as users of the roads.

The motorcycle riders issued the following statement: “We, The Caribbean Eagles board and our members representing the St. Maarten Harley Owners Group, by virtue of the authority vested in us as motorcycles riders on the island of St. Maarten and Saint Martin, do hereby proclaim May 2023 as ‘Motorcycle Safety and Awareness Month’ for all two-wheelers in general.”

Riding a motorbike or scooter is a popular form of transportation and recreation for many island residents and visitors. Noting an increase in the number of motorcycles travelling the roadways, Caribbean Eagles urges everyone “to be cautious of motorcycles and any two-wheel vehicles that share the roads in our communities.”

Motorcycling, the experienced riders say, “requires the use of specialised equipment and skills developed through a combination of training, expertise and experience. Through education and awareness, we can reduce motorcycle-related injuries and, most importantly, fatalities.”

Caribbean Eagles aims to raise awareness among all road users. “We exist on the road and we must learn to share the road on this island.” The group urges the government, police force, fire department, ambulance service, the population and all motorcycle associations and clubs to join it in its effort.

Caribbean Eagles St. Maarten is known for the annual bike fest on the island. Caribbean Eagles organises this festive event each year around St. Maarten Day, with motorcycle riders from around the world travelling to St. Maarten to participate. This year will see the 15th edition. Motorcyclists from the Caribbean region and beyond will be touring St. Maarten November 9-14 and attending parties on both sides of the island.

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